Grandma Sylvia


long straight black hair, brown eyes, a healthy figure, and average height

Calling her “Grandma Sylvia” makes her sound old, but she took great care of herself and disappeared when she was only 53, looking more like a woman around 40, and still retaining much of her youthful appeal. Both European and Native American features are visible, though her Huron blood did not give her as prominent facial structure as one might expect.


Sylvia Giordano, 1943-1996 (disappeared, eventually assumed dead), daughter of Giacomo Giordano and Ichiendi, who was herself the daughter of a Huron Medicine woman who surprised her tribe by blessing their marriage.

Sylvia, like her grandmother, seemed to have messages in her dreams and often helped sick friends and family recover amazingly well from illness and injury.

Sylvia’s husband, Irish immigrant Ethan O’neil, was a superstitious fisherman who was able to provide a modest living and more importantly, a safe, loving home where he was tolerant of the mysteries of his own wife.

Grandma Sylvia

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