Glen Ostermann

Auva's boyfriend, a lay-hunter, hobby-occultist, and underdog hero extraordinaire. :)


Player: Ben

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  • Strength-
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Glen was born in 1984. His parents still live in his original home in Boseman, Montana, and his younger sister, Julia, is in her junior year at Boise State University.

Glen got his B.S. in ecology and worked for the Bureau of Land Management for about 3 years after graduation before walking away from the frustrations of working for the govt. Shortly after moving to Philadelphia for a change of career, he met Auva at her yoga studio and the two of them fell hard for each other.

Glen has always been fascinated by folklore and a little of the occult. His parents were not religious, but believed the world had some imperceptible good and evil powers, and Glen filled in the blanks with his own variety of book reading. At a few points, he has seen and sensed things that cannot be explained, some good, some sinister. Glen’s sense of epic pursuit of good has remained an underlying motive in many of his decisions.

Glen Ostermann

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